A Remarkable Triumph: The SWAT Creatives Conference 2023 Hosted by the SWAT Leadership Academy

We are thrilled to announce the extraordinary success of the SWAT Creatives Conference 2023, hosted by the International Church of Christ, Lagos, through its dynamic ministry, the SWAT Leadership Academy. This transformative event, which unfolded from October 14th to 15th, 2023, at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, was a confluence of inspiration, innovation, and empowerment.

Day 1: Diving into AI and the Future of Work

The SWAT Creatives Conference was designed to empower the emerging talents and young professionals across various domains. The first day of the conference delved deep into Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its significance in the future of work.

The event began with Dr Ayoola from Robotics Artificial Intelligence Nigeria (RAIN), the first speaker, who set the tone with his unique blend of humor, practical demonstrations, real-life examples, and valuable content. His electrifying session created a solid foundation for the subsequent discussions.

Mr. Akinyemi, representing KPMG, provided clear, data-backed insights into AI and its real-life implications. His impactful presentation and valuable contributions during the panel discussion enhanced the depth of the conference.

Mr. Eyitayo Ogunmola, CEO of UTIVA, exhibited exceptional prowess during the segment dedicated to Artificial Intelligence as the future of work. His contribution was a resounding endorsement of the event’s theme and left a lasting impression on the audience.

Day 1 concluded with an insightful session by Rotimi Awaye, an evangelist and regional leader of the Campus Young Professionals Region. His presentation, titled “Roadmap to AI Literacy,” offered a beginner’s guide to prompt engineering, providing a clear and actionable conclusion to the day’s events.

Day 2: Nurturing Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence

The second day of the conference was dedicated to exploring Spiritual and Emotional Intelligence. Emmanuel Emeh, an evangelist and a dedicated teacher in the International Church of Christ co-taught a session on spiritual intelligence alongside Mrs. Perita Kimeng, a renowned professional and a faithful disciple. Their collective insights added a layer of depth and spiritual wisdom to the conference’s proceedings.

Continuing the focus on Emotional Intelligence, Mr. Kuro delivered an outstanding session. His wisdom nuggets, practical examples, and personal life stories resonated deeply with the audience. His contributions during the panel session earned him a standing ovation. Additionally, long-time friends Iredia Igbinoba and Opeyemi Adewale shared their remarkable journey to friendship and love, which was truly inspiring for the audience.

The Grand Conclusion

The conference was concluded with an elaborate buffet dinner at Radisson Blu restaurant in Ikeja, fostering further engagements and fellowship among attendees. The SWAT Creatives Conference was more than just a series of sessions. It was a turning point, providing our audience with the tools, knowledge, and inspiration they need to level up in their careers and lives.

This conference embodies the vision of the International Church of Christ, Lagos, to empower, nurture, and inspire the next generation of leaders. We’re excited about the possibilities for the future and look forward to more empowering events that continue the mission of the SWAT Leadership Academy and the International Church of Christ, Lagos.

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