ICOCN Business and Professionals Ministry (ICOCN BPM) – Training and Mentorship Programmes

Training and Mentorship Programmes


In line with our vision to empower disciples with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve financial freedom and stability, training and mentoring programmes designed to address identified needs for professionals and aspiring entrepreneurs will be organised by ICOCN BPM.

Training Activities:

  • ICOCN BPM will organise trainings/workshops in partnership with resource experts focusing on relevant key topics to equip aspiring entrepreneurs and professionals within the church.
  • Provide interactive sessions with practical exercises, case studies, group discussions, brainstorming and knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Trainings will be a mix of free and fee paying with discounted rates for registered members of ICOCN BPM.

Proposed Training Topics (Aspiring and Emerging Enterpreneurs):

  • Business Start-up Requirements
  • Business Planning
  • Market Research
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership Skills
  • Communication skills
  • Networking
  • Personal Branding
  • Digital Literacy
  • Skills Acquisition Techniques
  • Vocational Skills in different areas, etc.

Proposed Training Topics (Job Seekers/Professionals):

  • How to Write and Adapt Resume/Curriculum Vitae to Job Openings
  • Preparation for Interviews
  • Professional Demeanour/Conduct
  • Workplace Ethics and Culture, Advisory on Professional and Trade certifications
  • Presentation skills
  • Career Transition Planning
  • Industry Specific Trainings etc.

Mentorship Activities:

The ICOCN BPM will through the mentorship (and coaching) programmes, empower disciples with the practical knowledge, skills, and support needed to overcome challenges/pitfalls, seize opportunities, and achieve success in their entrepreneurial and professional endeavours. The mentorship programmes will be designed to drive and consolidate learnings and experiences through the following:

  • Pair participants with mentors from their industry of interest.
  • Regular mentorship sessions to provide guidance and support.
  • Address specific challenges and opportunities for increased performance.
  • Set goals and monitor progress.
  • Foster a strong mentor-mentee relationship.

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