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FAQs on the ICOCN BPM Counterpart Credit Scheme

Q. What are the objectives of the ICOCN BPM?

A. The objective of the ICOCN BPM is to provide disciples with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to improve their financial literacy, increase their financial security, and achieve financial stability.

Q. What is the vision of the ICOCN BPM?

A. To empower disciples with the knowledge and tools necessary to achieve financial freedom and stability.

Q. What is the mission of the ICOCN BPM?

A. Our mission is to provide disciples with financial education, resources, and support to improve their financial well-being, reduce financial stress, and achieve financial stability so they can in turn empower their communities, including the church. 

Q. What are the values of the ICOCN BPM?

 A. Empowerment, Education, Inclusivity, Collaboration, and Integrity.

Q. How do you register with the ICOCN BPM?

 A. You register with the ICOCN BPM through the ICOCN BPM in your Bloc. Registration is free.

Q. What are the funding sources of the ICOCN BPM?

A. Funding Sources will consist mainly of donations from: ICOCN, disciples, Friends of Disciples, Friends of ICOCN, and Well-Wishers.

Q. How can I support the ICOCN BPM financially?

A. You can support the ICOCN BPM financially by donating:

International Church of Christ,

First Bank of Nigeria Limited,

Account Number: 2012430493

Q. How can I partner or collaborate with the ICOCN BPM?

A. You can partner or collaborate with the ICOCN BPM by writing to ICOCBPM@gmail.com, and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Q. How can apply for the  ICOCN BPM Counterpart Credit Scheme (BCCS)?

A. Only economically active people.

Q. Who is an economically active person?

A. An economically active person includes both employed (employees and self-employed i.e., traders, professionals, working students and Campus Yo-Pros). It does not include the unemployed people nor economically inactive, such as pre-school children, school children, and  non-working students.

Q. How do job seekers and start-ups get access to support?

 A. Non-economically active persons will be transitioned through training and mentoring to become economically active. ICOCN BPM will also endeavor to assist in providing guidance in getting jobs or Seed Funding through mentors?

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