The Abuja Church was planted in 1999

Brief History: The Abuja church started by virtues of circumstance, emanating from the migration of disciples of Christ from 2 major existing Churches in the South West region of Nigeria; the Ilorin (about 9hrs drive to Abuja) and Lagos (12hrs drive to Abuja) churches. Lagos used to be the capital city of Nigeria until the creation of Abuja, a city built for the purpose of being the Federal Capital Territory situated in the heart of the Nation. Lagos was seen not to be the Centre of Nigeria, which necessitated the agitation for a central city that would be generally accepted by the 3 major tribes in Nigeria as a city considered to be a no man’s land. The movement of the seat of Government from Lagos to Abuja witnessed mass migration of Federal Civil servants from different parts of the country, among whom were disciples to the new capital territory, Abuja. Notable among these disciples are; Mr Williams Elabor, Mr and Mrs. Ayo Apampa, Mrs. Maureen Hassan and some other brothers and sisters working in the private sector. These disciples started meeting for bible talks, midweek and Sunday services from between late 1997 and early part of 1998, making disciples such that the growth rate and stability of the church caught the attention of the then Lead Evangelist, Nitchie Oghuaha who at that time led the first and biggest congregation of our churches in Nigeria, the Lagos church. This encouraged him so well that after many visits by different leaders who attested to the grace of God on this seed fellowship led by Mr and Mrs. Apampa, Mr Williams Elabor, Late Sam Famakinwa, Damola Aladesiun at different times from 1997 until the church was officially planted and reorganized in 1999. The Abuja church is 18 years old as at now with a membership of 211 disciples, 130, children, with a demography and ministries of singles, marrieds, non-Christian spouses, teens, pre-teens, kids’ kingdom, the Elderly and the campus ministries. We have as at today 52 couples and 19 non-Christian spouse disciples totaling 123 marrieds. The Abuja church is responsible (financially and spiritually) for the running of the North central bloc churches; Kaduna, Jos and the seat fellowship in Lokoja, with considerable population of disciples. Therefore, any support awarded to Abuja church would go a long way in helping to propagate more churches within the Northern part of Nigeria.


Leaders: Shadrach & Augusta Obasa.

Planted: March 1999.   Membership : 262{135 men} {127 women}.

Church Location : Floreat Gardens Opposite NSTIF Plaza Wuse 2 Abuja.

Contact  : Tel – +2348028368520.


Email – jerysfather@yahoo.co.uk oaugusta@ymail. com

Administrator :   Dr. Abiodun Abatan. abatanbiodun@yahoo.com






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