ICOCN Business and Professionals Ministry (ICOCN BPM) – Overview


The objective of the ICOCN BPM is to provide disciples of the International Church of Christ with the knowledge, tools, and resources necessary to improve their financial literacy, increase their financial security, and achieve financial stability. This website will serve as an online platform to showcase the ministry’s offerings, engage with members, and provide valuable resources.

Target Audience of the Ministry:

  1. Business Owners: Individuals who own start-ups and growing businesses in various industries and seek support, training materials, access to professionals, business clinics, and financial resources. The ministry also intends to provide resources (training and mentorship) to prospective business owners at the various stages of their journey in entrepreneurship.
  • Professionals: Christian professionals who desire to excel in their careers while upholding their faith, seeking training on building character and integrity in the workplace, mentorship sessions, and career advancement opportunities.
  • Students and Young Professionals: Graduates and young professionals transitioning into the workforce who can benefit from virtual programs and resources to enhance their career prospects.

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