How A Couple’s Faith is Bearing Fruits in Lagos

The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life, and the one who is wise saves lives. Proverbs 11:30 NIV

When Ifeanyi and Ijeoma Onyegbule got baptized early in January 2021 (Read the story here), everyone could immediately see and feel the fire of gratitude overflowing from their hearts. Little did we know that the fire would produce fruits exactly one month after!

Immediately after their baptisms, they continued to share their new found faith with neighbors Boroji and Chika Jimoh and invited them over to our home for a Bible Discussion. We were very excited to meet with them and shared the Word of God with them. Soon after, we did Discipleship study with them and asked when the next appointment would hold. Boroji being a very busy man fixed the appointment for Sunday being, according to him the only free day he has to study.

We told them that becoming disciples of Jesus Christ cannot be done out of convenience but out of sacrifice.  They left our home down casted but surprisingly the next day they showed up at our house to announce that they were ready to sacrifice their time to study some more.  As we progressed with the studies, there were challenges and humps; things they needed to clear between them and family members. We decided to give them a break of two days to go clear those humps. Surprisingly again, they came back after the first day to declare that they had cleared them and made peace with the family members. We were pleasantly shocked at their eagerness and indignation to see justice done. Here is a couple that said they could only make out Sunday to study the Bible, now clearing their schedule! To Boroji and Chika, nothing was more important, more urgent than their Salvation. The daily encouragement of the young Christians and the love of God they constantly shared with them motivated them to persevere as we taught them the Cost of Discipleship.  Having met all the criteria, Boroji and Chika Jimoh were baptized on February 6, 2021, exactly one month after Ifeanyi and Ijeoma were baptized!

It is so incredibly refreshing to note that with this new addition, we have become seven disciples in our street alone! And we are counting! Our goal is to turn the entire community to Christ.

Our encouragement to fellow brothers and sisters is that we should never give up in reaching out. At the right time God will bless us!

Kingsley and Eugenia Irobiegbulam

Akute Zone, Ogba/Agege Region

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