A Time of Deep Learning, Fellowship and Festivities in Warri

It was an explosive weekend as leaders/disciples representing the South-South Church Blocs of the ICOC Nigeria, converged for a time of deep learning, fellowship and festivities in Warri, Delta State .

It began on Saturday 20th July, with the South South Bloc Congregational teaching Anchored by our special guest, our Brother and Teacher in The Kingdom, Gilbert Kimeng.

His teaching dwelled on the Book of Romans; emphasising the Advantage of Freedom in Christ.

On Sunday 21st July was a Special Sunday Service tagged “Christ and Culture”. In this lesson as taught by our brother Gilbert Kimeng, we were reminded that;
• The Kingdom and eternity are more important than cultural things.
• The Bible determines our cultural world view and not the other way around.
• The new creation is what ultimately matters and should drive our primary passion.
• A balance for holiness and mission is required.
• We are created to be image bearers of Christ and our mission is to make disciples of every nation, every tribe, every language and every people.

It was truly a refreshing time of deep spiritual learning amongst other things.

In attendance on Sunday were over 384 persons, including 142 adult visitors.

Our stomachs were not spared as different cultural delicacies were prepared and consumed to the glory of God.

We truly thankful first to God for making this weekend memorable. Also for our brother Gilbert Kimeng for making out time to be with us.

We are also thankful for all disciples in the South – South Bloc Churches in attendance this weekend.

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