Article: Keeping it Up

Over two years ago, I really got to like the Uber Taxi service as I started using them mainly to attend client and partner meetings for my former company. The drivers were well-trained, the cars they used were neat, the price was quite affordable and the user experience simply superb. Well trained drivers would typically ask if you would like to listen to the radio and if yes, ask for your preferred radio station. They would also ask if you are comfortable with the car temperature and make any needed adjustments. 

Over time, other competitors like Taxify made their entry into the market, but the quality of the services generally has been watered down. I was shocked to use more than one Uber Taxi in Accra recently with no air conditioning. That is entirely unthought-of when compared to the early days of this innovative taxi service. 

In the early days, a taxi that didn’t meet the standards earlier mentioned was an exception. Today, the reverse is the case. When I stumble on one that matches the initial high standards, it is indeed a breath of fresh air. That was my experience yesterday. The car was elegant – looked like somebody’s private car. I indeed felt chauffeur-driven and the driver engaged me in a very knowledgeable conversation from the moment I got in till I reached my destination – a one hour ride that was truly pleasant.

It seems this is increasingly the experience with Christianity or Discipleship today. There seem to be far more lukewarm Christians than the hot or cold ones. It is genuinely refreshing these days to meet people who think and act like true Christians, disciples of the Master.

What experience are you giving others about Christianity? Would it be rated as an excellent and attractive experience or one that puts biblical Christianity in doubt?

*Titus 2:10;  1 John 2:6; Matthew 5:16; 24:12;  Acts 11:25-26; 2 Corinthians 5:20*

Gilbert Kimeng 

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