Article: Reflections on ICOC Culture

Article: Reflections on ICOC Culture

Another insightful conversation held yesterday on what some see as the strengths and weaknesses of the ICOC culture.

Our culture of hospitality stands out as one of our greatest strengths. Our culture of learning also.

Our performance culture easily doubles as a strength and a weakness. We believe in backing up our faith with practical steps or action. The flip side which we are now working on is a relatively shallow theological background.

We have a tendency to treat “disputable matters” as if they are core salvation issues because we are strong on salvation doctrine and rightly so.

Our strong culture of mentoring or discipling has been undergoing some kind of mutation over the past several years.

Questions are currently being asked about certain aspects of our culture – the criteria to get married as a member, tithing as a practice, membership, etc

How would you describe the ICOC Culture in your part of the world? Is it essential to know the strengths and weaknesses of our church culture?

*Revelation 2:1- 29; Revelation 3: 1-22*

Gilbert Kimeng

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