Teaching Trip to Calabar – Gilbert Kimeng

Teaching Trip to Calabar – Gilbert Kimeng 

This has been the first of teaching trips in 2018 in a series that will prayerfully take me to the four families of Churches in Africa in the course of this year – English West Africa, French West & Central Africa, South Africa and East Africa respectively.

Flying to Calabar over the weekend from Lagos truly felt like going home given that my mum comes from this part of the country. The church here is truly a reflection of the hospitality that characterizes the city of Calabar. The region is also known for some of the best cuisines in the whole of Nigeria – Calabar Kitchen is a well-known phenomenon in addition to its yearly Carnival.

The leaders of the church are true servants and it shows in the joy level of the disciples here.

They requested for a tour through the Old Testament and teaching the survey was deeply rewarding and I couldn’t help but nickname them the Bereans. Even the children, the teenagers and the elderly sat through many hours of teaching starting from Friday evening as we introduced the Old Testament and covered the book of Genesis; then covered the rest of Torah all the way to the prophets for most of Saturday and concluding with the Writings on Sunday. This church sprang up thanks to the efforts of students who came to Calabar for university many years ago and I deeply believe their hearts for God and His Word will lead to abundant fruit.

The disciples insisted on giving me a Pre-birthday celebration prior to today and I felt deeply loved in God’s family. I also had to work hard for my lovely birthday cake with a required show of dance.

Let’s be praying for God’s Word and His mission to spread in this part of Nigeria as I prepare for the next teaching trip to French west Africa in March.

Your prayers will be very appreciated.


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