The 2016 West and Central Africa Discipleship Summit – Day One

The 2016 West and Central Africa Discipleship Summit – Day One


The Ministry Training Academy (MTA) kick started the 2016 West and Central Africa Discipleship Summit here in Accra, Ghana on the 3rd August, 2016 with the wonderful bilingual worship in French and English.

The 1st class of the day was taught by Dave Pocta and Doug Wens, both evangelists with the San Antonio and Greater Houston Church of Christ In Texas, USA. The topic was ‘Spiritual Formation’ – God’s Roles and Ours. Dave Pocta took ministry leaders on a powerful theological journey to understand the full dimensions of our salvation.


God’s love and grace work in our lives even before we are aware of it. He works before our salvation to lead us to himself, during our salvation to cleanse, justify, forgive and acquit us of every sin and accusation and He continues to work after our salvation to transform us into the image of His son.


Leaders were made to understand that transformation is God’s work, not ours. As we abide in God’s presence, He himself transforms us (2 Cor 3:15-18). He transforms us through struggle and challenges and also through His words.

Doug Wens taught the practical aspect of Spiritual formation; our role in God’s process. For God to transform us, we must submit to be trained, to prepare and to obey (I Cor. 9:24-27) with a learners heart we grow and when we lose our learners heart, we stagnate.


This class ended with a powerful reminder and encouragement that God has placed every single one of us in the place where we can best grow.

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