2016 ICOC Lagos Teens Bible Bowl

Below are the pictures of the just concluded ICOC Lagos Teens Bible Bowl 2016

[images cols=”four” lightbox=”true”]
[image link=”578929″ image=”578929″]
[image link=”578930″ image=”578930″]
[image link=”578931″ image=”578931″]
[image link=”578927″ image=”578927″]
[image link=”578926″ image=”578926″]
[image link=”578925″ image=”578925″]
[image link=”578924″ image=”578924″]
[image link=”578923″ image=”578923″]
[image link=”578922″ image=”578922″]
[image link=”578921″ image=”578921″]
[image link=”578920″ image=”578920″]
[image link=”578919″ image=”578919″]
[image link=”578918″ image=”578918″]
[image link=”578917″ image=”578917″]
[image link=”578916″ image=”578916″]
[image link=”578915″ image=”578915″]
[image link=”578914″ image=”578914″]

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