Know Your Child’s Friends

‘Those who lead good people along an evil path.’ Proverbs 28:10 NLT

One Christian author writes: ‘I once saw a documentary film that featured a packing house where sheep were slaughtered. Huddled in pens were hundreds of nervous animals that seemed to sense danger. A gate was opened leading to a ramp, and through a door to the right.

In order to get the sheep to walk up that ramp the workers used what is known as a “Judas goat.” This is the goat that had been trained to lead the sheep into the slaughterhouse. The goat confidently walked to the bottom of the ramp and looked back. Then he took a few more steps and stopped again.

The sheep looked at each other skittishly and began moving toward the ramp. Eventually they followed the confident goat to the top, where he went through another gate that closed behind him. This forced the sheep directly into the slaughterhouse … There’s a striking similarity between the sheep following the Judas goat and teenagers who succumb to peer pressure.

Those who are more confident and rebellious often lead the timid into trouble. Some inject themselves with heroin or get involved with cocaine; others engage in dangerous sexual practices, or drive while drinking … But why do they do such destructive things? Don’t they care about their own lives and the future they are risking? Most of them do. But the pressure to conform – to follow the Judas goat – is even stronger than the need for security and well-being.’

The Bible speaks of ‘those who lead good people along an evil path’. So:

1) be aware of who is influencing your teenager;

2) get to know their friends.

Bible in a Year: Num 3-4; Mark 3:20-35;

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