Your Wilderness Experience (3)

By Hubert Eke

Good morning.  We will get to be reminded about one of our Patriarchs Joseph Jacob. It’s interesting to call him Joseph Jacob instead of Joseph the son of Jacob. Let’s take a look at some background information.  Joseph’s life falls into 3 distinct categories.

  1. Birth to 17years (Gen.30:24 – 37:2) family unsettled. Antagonism was brewing with arguments, jealousy and low level hatred.
  2. 17-30 years (Gen. 37:2-41:46)

Joe reaches manhood. Life is out of control. Enslavement, false accusation, high level imprisonment assaults him.

  1. 30years -death (Gen. 41:46-50:26)

Last 80 years was prosperous and rewarding under God’s blessing. He had high level opportunity to get even and ruin his brothers forever but he refused, blessing, protecting and forgiving them. Joseph was born into a family with a passive, deceitful father. Jacob fid nothing when his daughter Dinar was raped. He did nothing when his first son Ruben had secure relations with Bilhah the mother of 2 of his half-brothers.

Joseph was a favoured kid born by a favoured wife. He was unlike his brothers in attitude & character. Jacob live Joe most and Jewish showed it publicly. Of course his half-brothers were not stupid though they struggled with anger, last, deceit, jealousy.  We know they unleashed their full wrath on Joe with time. In all things, God works for the good of those who love Him. Romans 8:28. In their anger, they fulfilled God’s purpose for Joseph and Israel.

Questions for you.

  1. How angry are you at your circumstance? Or at God for delayed or unanswered prayers? Or at your boss or at Nigeria?
  2. What actions is your anger making you to do, to say, to think?
  3. Have you lost faith in prayer to God?
  4. Have you resorted to stealing from others or your office because of your situation? Stealing leads to falsehood and other vices.
  5. Are you maintaining your right living in spite of your very bad circumstances?

God is watching and allowed your wilderness for a reason. Fight to make your faith genuine.

It’s a great day.


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