ICOC Calabar Church Activities Report For December

The month of December was pack full of activities for us as a church in Calabar. Calabar is always filled with fun activities as we round up the new year. Visitors come into our great city from everywhere. The same applies to the church. We had disciples visiting from different churches within and out side the country. This was encouraging to the church. On the 22nd we had our children party and was filled with so much fun as the children came out to show gratitude to God through different display of their talents.
On the 25th we had our carol and this was colourful as well. On the 29th we had our thanksgiving service, We were all happy to bring our offering of thanksgiving before God; we also had our from us to us on that day seeing disciples and friends going home with nylon filled with raw rice.
We had our 31st night and testimonies were shared among disciples about awesome work of God in their lives. Our sister Esther Olayiwola shared about how God in his infinite mercy granted her a job with the federal Psychiatric Hospital just two days to the new year; what a way to begin the year. Another sister Pauline Charles shared about how God healed her from consistence flow of blood. Our God is awesome and works miraculously in the lives of his Children.
The calabar church has tagged this year 2014: OUR YEAR OF ACHIEVEMENT. With God on our side we are going to achieve great miles spiritually and physically. We are set to grow by +9 out of many other things we are set up to achieve this year. Please keep praying for us.
Gbenga Atolagbe

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