Lagos Celebrates Children’s Day with a Difference

  We thank God for giving us all another opportunity to celebrate our children as we marked this years Children’s Day tagging it Traditional day.

We marked it on Sunday the 26th of May in all our regions. It was so colorful and very eventful. The highlights of the day include.

— All our children came to church that day in their native attires, we saw the Ibos, Edos, Yorubas, even some in Hausa attire. The girls had different head gears on. It was beautiful.

— The Regional leaders gave the children the opportunity to take part in the service. Some of them ushered, prayed,sang and even took part in preaching. We thank our leaders.

-Parents came to the service with gifts for their own children, they had a time to pray for each child and then handed over the gifts to them.        

— Each region selected the best dressed kids and they were given gifts.

— The main event of the day was the cooking competition. Everyone was skeptical about this because the children will be handling the gas and stove but God intervened we did not record any fire incidence. The children really surprised us all, they cooked oha, afang, edikaikong and  different types of soups.

Some made porridge, rice and other dishes. The aroma that filled the air was incredible. This shows that our mothers have all done a great job in training their children. The cooking was not left to girls alone, boys also took part in the cooking. At the end of it, the children were given prizes for the competition.

We are looking forward to all the winners in each region having a face off sometime next year by Gods grace.

We thank God for the success of the day, we also thank each regional kids kingdom coordinator, our parents and church leaders for the great day.

This event will not be forgotten in a hurry. Looking forward to next years Children’s Day.


Elugbadebo Tunrayo


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