New Dawn for the Visually Impaired in the Lagos Church

Psalm 119:18: Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in Your law.

A new dawn was achieved by the Benevolence ministry of the Church at the Oshodi/Isolo Worship venue on Sunday 14th October, 2012 as the need to assist and redefine the lives of the blind or visually impaired disciples in the church was emphasized.

The special gathering was held so that disciples living with such conditions can be identified, listened to, know how they feel and then be able to find out how we can better meet their needs as a church.

The meeting, which was coordinated by an Elder, Mr. Imagbe Igbinoba had 8 visually impaired disciples and all the benevolence ministry leaders from the regions as well as the church administrator, Mr. Samuel Onuoha in attendance. The meeting was successful as plans are in place to constitute the group into an independent ministry, so as to grow the group even as they reach out to more of their kind.

The ultimate aim of this get-together is that they enjoy their lives as disciples of Christ to the fullest, be able to read their bibles, sing from the song books, and not allow their impairment act as a hindrance. This, they feel, has not been the case with them. They feel sidetracked, left alone, uncared for and abandoned. The group promised to meet periodically to address these needs and plans for a formal inaugural church service for the ministry is to hold at the Blind Center at Oshodi early next year.

The highlight of the meeting on Sunday was that a visually impaired sister Motunrayo Babatunde was baptized.

It is estimated that as much as 81% of our learning occurs through the use of sight. For people who are visually impaired or blind, additional support and assistance may be needed to enhance opportunities. We also intend to produce all study materials in special forms to meet the needs of these men and women who continue to brave all odds as they remain faithful to God and His church.

Please let us all support this noble cause even as our God continues to bless His people.

In Christ,

Imagbe Igbinoba


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