2012 World Discipleship Summit Eye Witness Report – By Emmanuel Emeh

Wednesday July 4th Log

For decades, the worldwide family of churches known as the ICOC has consistently held Annual World Missions Conferences, the history of what is now known as International Leadership Conference (ILC) began in 2003 here in San Antonio, USA Those where difficult and challenging times in our brotherhood of churches. God took us through a time of evaluation.

The theme of that historic 2003 meeting was “Worthy is The Lamb”. As expected then, only a few hundred of our leaders attended.

In the past nine years, the ILC has picked up as churches from Chicago, Denver Miami, and Los Angelis have taken turns in hosting. This year as we return to San Antonio, “Grace” and “Miracle” are the only words one can use to describe what our eyes see, ears hear and hearts feel. Apart from the over 17,000 registered online, many are still registering at the tables!

Everything in Texas they say is BIG, but nothing can be compared to the endless crowd of disciples that are swarming the downtown streets of the river walk today. The summit is first of its kind. Unlike other international conferences that seem to focus on one part of the church, this one is EIGHT conferences in one! – Campus, Deaf, Marrieds, Leadership, Singles, Spanish, Teens and Worship. These eight conferences will run simultaneously in facilities housed mostly by The Gonzalez Convention Center and Grand Hyatt Hotel. Each evening, all participants will converge at the eighteen thousand capacity AT&T Center (home to the San Antonio Spurs)

Of course, the AT&T will not be enough to take everyone. Late registrants will watch the happenings of the AT&T from large screen audio/visual room.

Delegates Meeting

Roger Lamb addressing participants and observers at the 2012 WDS Delegates Meeting,

 Lone star Ball room, Grand Hyatt

 Today, was day two of the pre conference delegate’s meeting.

What’s the Delegates Meeting?

The ICOC is made up of 614 semi-independent churches scattered over 150 countries. To keep our unity and healthy corporation going amongst us, ten “service teams” where created. They are: Campus, Shepherding, Teaching, Evangelist, Communication and Administration, HOPE worldwide, Youth and Family, Singles, Women’s Ministry and ILC. Members of these teams are drawn from different parts of the world and membership is rotational. They are headed by chairmen who serve a certain tenure. For more info on this please visit http://www.icocco-op.org

Several actions adopted after the meeting include; the unified support and financing of DT website, ICOC HotNews, HOPE worldwide amongst others.

Today is the official opening of registration tables for the conference. Hotels are filling up with guests. The conference program booklet is beautiful too you can download a copy by linking on this link http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=34227237&msgid=194153&act=TWGI&c=1064609&destination=http%3A%2F%2Ficocconference.org%2Fconferences%2Fschedule

4th of July

Today is 4th of July! Apart from marking the historic WDS, it’s also The United State’s Independence Day. It’s a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. There will be fireworks display downtown San Antonio.


Download Conference Audios and Videos

DiscipleshipToday.net will be making videos and audios available for free download so everyone not here can watch at midweek and Sunday services


What will be available for your Sunday church services:  Two highlights summary videos of the 2012 WDS from Thursday and Friday, July 5th and 6th

Worship highlights   30 minutes

 Sermon highlights     30 minutes


When will these be available:  early Saturday, July 7th Central Daylight Time.


How do we access these videos?  

  • Please have your leaders, worship team and technical team prepared in advance for church services, house churches, Bible Talks, etc. 
  • Forward these simple, clear instructions on how to download and use these videos to them.

Step 1:       Visit our download page at: http://vimeo.com/disciplestoday/highlights

Step 2:       Click on the Download button at the bottom right corner of the player.

Step 3:         Choose the format to download that works best for your type of computer

Step 4:         Right-click on the file you wish to download and save to your computer

Step 5:         Show the video file:

· On your projector at your church service, house church, Bible Talk, family devotional, to friends and family. 

· Some people can show this on their TV if they have the proper TV, connections, etc. 


What else will be available?

  • Video: All general sessions for the main conferences and all AT&T Center events will be available in our DTV on Demand library as well.  They will be posted within hours after each event ends.
  • No Live Streaming:  We do not have funding to stream these events live. The downloads are more reliable for showing in large groups.
  • Audio of the 215 classes will be available on each conference’s website in about two weeks following the WDS.

Thanks to our DTV Producer, Jonathan Hoggard of Dubai, and our DTV Director, Hans Rasmussen of Ft. Collins, for their incredible efforts.

More conference information can be found on these links:

http://icocconference.org (Official ICOC Conference web page)

www.disciplestoday.org (Official ICOC global web portal)

www.icochotnews.com (Independent news site hosted by Mike Taliaferro and Justine Renton)

http://www.facebook.com/2012worlddiscipleshipsummit (WDS Facebook page)

San Antonio is a city with deep and fascinating history. Watch out for more highlights from the WDS and daily extras as I take time out to showcase some great places and landmarks here.


Your Brother


Emmanuel Emeh

Evangelist/Campus Minister

ICOC, Nigeria


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