Ogba-Agege Region gets set for Men’s Forum

Join the Ogba-Agege region May 26 -27, 2012 as they host the forthcoming Men’s Forum captioned ‘THE GIANTS OF OUR TIME’.

Challenges abound in the life of any man: family problems, financial issues, work and business issues, insecurity in our environment, etc. God created man to solve problems (Genesis 1: 28)

There are men who can push through the boundaries of challenges to become what God has purposed for them. Jesus was confronted with challenges but he fulfilled his mission. Today, there are men who can raise godly children, love their wives and heal their marriages. There are men who give to the poor and do great things for God. There are great men of faith.

These men rise above excuses and humble beginnings to conquer their world to the glory of God. They become flag bearers of peace and love; exhibit characters worthy of emulation in speech and conduct. We are those men.



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