Oshodi/Isolo ‘I Choose Us’ Marriage Seminar

It all started on a Friday evening, after so much planning, prayer and great expectation. Reactions trailing the event showed how totally off the track marriages have been.

One elderly man said ‘‘I am consumed by the expository of the seminar to the point of forgetting to prepare for my unto maturity class test”

A young man known for gallivanting around the globe for business confesses” I cannot believe what is required of me as a husband and how woefully I have failed”. My plan is how to make it up to my wife.

A young woman with a very bad language issue says” I thought getting married was all I had to do; now, staying married has truly exposed what I don’t know. It’s real hard work, I am the problem of my marriage, and I repent”

Seminars come and go, workshops do the same, even classes are taught and forgotten, but “I Choose Us” has made the impact other trainings never made. The follow up lessons are to be done in groups and privacy of our homes. This seminar has set in motion the desired change in our Marriages.

We have seen ourselves and our feelings, our victories and their sizes. We have come face to face with that manual we believe God gave us on marriage and we are grateful.

God bless our leaders for bringing “I Choose Us” to us.

Thank you.

Mrs Ordu


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