Quiet Times



I look to you everyday my breath of Life.
I look to you because there is no one who understand, No one knows.
No one have that power to tell or sustain or feel what troubles my heart everyday.
I look to “You the joy of my life, my laughter, my morning sun. The air of my whole
My grace my love. Who would I compare “You?
Who can match your love who can tell of your understanding your compassion?
Who see within the deep troubled soul the way you see?
Who can tell the story of The Anxious heart? No One. You alone are the stronghold of my life. You alone calm the anxious heart and send it to rest in quite waters.
My rock, my shelter, he that I Cried out for help and like a roaring Lion He came forth in His chariots the earth trembled at the sounds of His voice and like an Eagle He glides and stretch fort His Hands and lift me up. I look to you the Horn of my joy.

Mrs. Chinyere Ajadi


How to Have a Meaningful Quiet Time

Oh how love I Thy law! it is my meditation all the day.” Psalm 119:97

Christianity is not a legal relationship, it is a love relationship. Ten thousand “don’ts” will never make you one iota more like the Lord Jesus Christ. It is Jesus Himself Who makes you like Him. But you need to spend time with Him. I want to give you five factors for spending some quiet time…Read


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