Baptism: Good News from Yenagoa!

To the glory of God, a wonderful couple in Yenagoa, Lucky and Lucky Nwankwo got baptized in the Yenagoa church.

Lucky is a sister to our dear sister, Ebis Damabide. During the locked down we gave disciples in Yenagoa the challenge of reaching out to their family members. Stanley Damabide reached out to this wonderful family and invited them to church to witness the graduation of his daughter from the Pre-teens to the Teens Ministry.

After their first visit, Stanley started studying the Bible with him while Onome Goin studied with the woman. They had a challenge to get married and stopped living as co- habitants.

They took up this challenge which they have not been able to achieve over 13 years and got married traditionally yesterday with the help of God and disciples.

We are proud of their faith. Keep praying for them as they continue to grow and mature as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Let us not lose hope of reaching out to our family members as God is still in the business of restoring families back to Him!

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