Article: A Heart Check

Article: A Heart Check

What a full day it was for me yesterday.  Even today’s journal is coming in rather late and tells the story. After a prayer time in the morning, my day started with time spent exercising under the direction of a personal trainer of a brother. He superbly drilled me. I saw the value of routine – the brother had to ask his trainer to slow down, but his trainer said I was fit and that encouraged him to keep a fast pace. Daily routines indeed do add up.

Last night’s opening class at the Ghana leadership retreat created a platform for openness and vulnerability. Research has shown that coming out of denial constitutes about 80% of the solution to challenges like addiction to alcohol, nicotine, etc. I was asked to study and share from a book on how Satan uses a lack of forgiveness to take our hearts captive.

 It has been beneficial to me personally by helping me to own up to past hurts that might still be lingering in my heart, showing up in certain reactions, attitudes and behaviour.

I arrived at the conclusion that whereas sexual immorality might remain one of the most obvious sins/temptations to watch out for, dealing with our hearts when we’ve been offended is probably one of the other major areas Christians need to look at, especially the older we get. The love of many has grown cold due to the bitterness of heart.

Are there people you need to forgive and seek to reconcile with?

*Colossians. 3:13; Matthew. 5:44; 18:22ff; 24:10-13*

Gilbert Kimeng


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