Article: Old Time Religion

Article: Old Time Religion

My experience of staying back in Accra for an extra 2 weeks after the singles conference has been simply memorable.  It reminds me of the ongoing program in the Lagos church where each Region has adopted two other “smaller” churches within Nigeria. It encourages disciples to even take their vacation to go spend time with disciples in another church.

Yesterday’s conversation with a friend who was in church followed by fellowship time with two brothers and friends reminded me of what we typically call the “old-time religion.” Prior to that, I had a wonderful open-hearted get-to-know-each-other time with another disciple who shared with a lot of openness and vulnerability.

The earlier conversation was geared at bringing the friend who has studied the Bible in the past to a point of decision: leave his worldly lifestyle and make a decision to live a godly life.  We can help our friends make the right choice but the decision is ultimately theirs.

The time with the two brothers stirred in us the desire to restore the sincere love that characterized most of our early days as disciples. We dreamt of seeing the love that characterized the small groups setting restored while individual disciples take ownership for their personal convictions.

I could describe the evening spent around eating some nice roasted fish as one of reviewing our past lives and making key decisions that will impact the advancement of the mission.

How far have you fallen from your first love? What would it take to see it restored???

*Revelation 2:1-5; Hebrews 3:12-13*

Gilbert Kimeng

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