Baptism: The Yenagoa Church Witness Three Baptisms!

John 15:8  This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much  fruit.

We give God the ultimate glory as the Yenagoa church welcomes the trio of Bassey, Thank-God and Mandy to the Kingdom of God.

The church in Yenagoa has been praying fervently for souls and even came up with a petition in prayers to God which was signed by all disciples in the church. God answered our many requests and started the month with three souls.

Bassey was invited by a brother called Opus on our Men’s breakfast service last month. Bassey was on his way to his Church when Opus stopped him and insisted he should come with him to the Men’s breakfast service. Bassey studied and got baptized.

Thank-God came with his friend to a disciples wedding and also attended the thanksgiving service the following day and was convicted with the message preached by Dipo Ajayi who leads the Calabar Church. Since then he had not looked back, studied and got baptized.

Mandy has been studying for more than a year. She is a disciple’s daughter. She took up the courage and made Jesus her Lord.

Please keep praying for us in Yenagoa as our great God, the Lord of the Harvest, continue to work wonders in His church.

Thank you.

Gbenga Atolagbe 


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