Article: One Surprising Reason Why Churches Stagnate

Article: One Surprising Reason Why Churches Stagnate
Culled from disciplestoday.org
Written by  Christian Ray Flores — Austin, TX, USA Friday, 17 November 2017 00:05

No matter how wonderful, how dynamic and full of life your church congregation is, it will most likely not be in existence in a 100 years. This is statistically true, which makes multiplying, making disciples and planting churches even more central to the Great Commission.

Just like people, churches get older, slow down and die. And just like people, some churches stay healthier, live longer and are more fruitful than others. Not surprisingly, one reason why churches stagnate and slow down prematurely is the same reason why families deteriorate.

I have three daughters ages 22, 15 and 13. To parent them is the most beautiful and challenging adventure I’ll ever experience. They are all so very different, they also keep changing and maturing. Some of the principles of parenting apply to all three the same way. Beyond that, its pretty much about prayer, experimentation and a lot of listening. And then there’s the rapidly changing landscape of the world we live in. Everything is different from when I was their age.

So. Very. Different.

But you already know this if you’re a parent. So why is it so obvious in parenting and not as obvious in church leadership? Read more


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