Special Offer for West Africa Single Disciples from DT Heart & Soul

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We are excited to announce an exclusive offer for 3 FREE MONTHS of DT Heart & Soul for all singles in the West African churches. We want to offer this incredible resource so that you can be part of our growing community of singles around the world who are seeking godly marriages.

Simply click here and use this promo code: welcome-west-africa.

Offer expires January 31, 2015.

What is DT Heart & Soul?


DT Heart & Soul is a site dedicated to helping our brothers and sisters in the ICOC connect with a Christian mate. The site first went live in June 2009. Since then, we have seen 17 marriages, with more on the way!


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How do I join?

  • Click here >
  • Select your country from the drop down menu
  • Under “My Subscription Information,” choose “Three Months”
  • In the blank box next to “Promotional or Gift Code,” type in: welcome-west-africa

What happens next?

  • After you sign up, you’ll take a psychological compatibility profile test (approximately 1-2 hours to complete)
  • Within 24 hours of taking the test, you will receive a personality report, along with matches and a compatibility report
  • In the meantime, create and edit your profile, add a profile picture, and begin familiarizing yourself with the site!

Sign up now! Offer expires January 31, 2015.


Many blessings,


The DT Heart & Soul Staff


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