We are pleased to announce that the upcoming WAM Council Hybrid Meeting will take place from 10th to 12th August 2023 in Lagos, Nigeria. This meeting will be a combination of in-person and virtual attendance, allowing for maximum participation from all members.

We would like to remind all country Bloc Leaders, WAM Board members, and WAM Leadership Group members that their physical presence in Lagos is required for the meeting. The arrival date will be on Thursday 10th of August, for all participants outside Lagos and Nigeria. First day will be on Friday 11th August, 2023 for all WAM Leadership Group and WAM Board members.

While the second day will be on Saturday 12th August, 2023 for all WAM Council members.

All other WAM Council members are expected to join the meeting virtually. The agenda and other information will be provided in due course on the WAM Council platform closer to the meeting date.

MEMBERSHIP: The membership of WAM Council comprises of:

i. WAM Council Coordinator (Chair)

ii. All Church Leaders (Men & Women)

iii. All Ministry Staff

iv. Administrative staff

v. Church Administrators

vi. Board Chairmen of member countries

vii. Finance Committee Chairmen of Churches.

viii. Elders

ix. Teachers.


a. Attend and participate in every and any WAM Council meetings expected to hold every two (2) years at the WAM Conference meeting.

b. To vote or be voted for at the meetings of WAM organized for such purpose.

c. To ratify policies, decisions and recommendations of the WAM Council, WAM Board and WAM Leadership Group after due decision and consideration.

d. To make meaningful contributions, comments and suggestions for the betterment of WAM at all such meeting. We do not encourage passive or silent members.

e. To be willing and ready to make yourself available to serve in all Leadership Group or Board sub committees’ setup for the furtherance of the interest of WAM.

f. To represent and pursue the interest of WAM in the various, Church and Blocs of WAM, and to be a good ambassador of WAM.

g. To read, study and digest all memos, proposals, recommendations and documents meant for the council in order to be able to make well informed decisions.

h. To ensure that their individual churches are responsible and pay promptly all subscriptions and dues as at when due to WAM.

We look forward to a productive meeting and appreciate your cooperation in ensuring that all necessary measures are taken to ensure the safety and well-being of all members.


Mrs. Onyinyechi Ndukwe

WAM Secretary

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