The prayer of every Christian parent is to witness the transforming power of the gospel in their children’s lives. Our joy was therefore made full when our daughter Jewel Anuoluwapo Irobiegbulam confessed Jesus as her Lord and Master as she was baptized into Christ on December 4th, 2021 in Lagos.


Her journey to becoming a disciple of Jesus was unsteady at first. As a teenager she wasn`t sure what she was getting into. Being a very smart child, she assumed the Bible to be one of those books she could simply read and memorize. She saw God as an invincible distant Master of the Universe who lives in the heavens behind the clouds! She studied the Scriptures, but without the emotion of wanting to connect with this God. As a kingdom kid, Jewel had grown used to serving in the fellowship and to her, becoming a disciple was the expected outcome!


On two occasions previously, she had studied the Bible and as her mother, I was looking out for some important changes in her character, which I did not really see, even though she was happy to study the Bible and become a disciple.


As her parents, we know that becoming a disciple is not one fancy decision you make on the spur of the moment. There are costs to count and sacrifices to be made. Most importantly all; the heart, soul and strength must be in that decision.

We decided to get involved in our daughter’s bible studies and reviewed her progress. We thought it best to stop the studies and pray for her instead. Why?


We wanted our daughter to become a disciple but it was more important to us that she understood why she needed to become a disciple. The most important thing in our hearts was our fervent wish for her to fall in love with her Ultimate Father and Creator! We reasoned that if she falls in love with God, everything else would fall in place. Her love for God is what would keep her safe, secure and focused against all the raging storms of life. We desperately prayed for this to happen and then bang!


On her 17th Birthday we asked her what she wanted as a birthday present and she said; “I want a Thanksgiving Service! I want to thank God for helping me to pass my exams and healing my mummy.”


We obliged her. After the Thanksgiving service, Martina Ajao who leads the women in our region, walked up to Jewel and asked her if she was interested in commencing her bible studies. I was pleasantly surprised and I believed she was prompted by the Holy Spirit to speak to my daughter.


Long story short, Jewel’s transformation began in earnest! I could feel it, see it! Everyone saw it! It was incredible! Our daughter has finally had a true encounter with the Word of God! She has fallen hopelessly and madly in love with the Lord! It was electrifying!

It is an awesome feeling and we marvel at the transforming POWER of the Word of God.


Daily, Martina painstakingly and intentionally walked her through the tight rope of a lifestyle of discipleship and on December 4, 2021 our Jewel Anuoluwapo Irobiegbulam made her decision to FOLLOW Jesus!

Please brothers and sisters welcome into God’s Kingdom our daughter, our Sister!


Let me also use this medium to encourage parents; Don’t give up on your children! In Gods own time, He will create ways for them to be reconciled to Him.

Don’t give up and don’t stop living the life!


Kingsley& Eugenia Irobiegbulam

Akute Zone

Ogba/Agege Region

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