Women Devo: Mary the Chosen One – Excerpts from Luke Chapter 1

Have you ever wondered what was special about Mary? Why God chose her amongst other women to become Jesus’s mother? Three things comes to mind: Cleanliness (sexual purity), Humility and Dedication to God.

In chapters 26 of Luke 1, God sent the angel Gabriel to a virgin named Mary. Ever considered why Mary being a virgin was recorded or why it was important? I don’t know the real reason, I am not God. If I can guess then I say because the birth of Jesus had to be both supernatural and natural. That is; it had to be clear, without any doubt that GOD did this! That He in His mighty power put the human Jesus in Mary’s womb (supernatural) and that Mary a woman, a human should birth him (natural). But for Mary to birth Jesus without speculations or doubts about the authenticity and power of God she had to be sexually pure. More than that, she had to be a virgin (one with no previous sexual history).

In Mary’s song of praise she said “God has been mindful of my humble state. Other versions say “He has looked with favour on the low status of his servant”. While this considers Mary’s physical condition of being poor, her attitude after Gabriel spoke of Jesus’s birth was “I am the Lord’s servant, may it be to me as you have said”. In other words; whatever the Lord wishes may it be so”. In other words; I am nothing, God is everything. In other words; you can use me for your glory…total humility!

Absolute submission in the face of not fully comprehending what it was God was asking from her yet understanding that there must be a higher purpose and there was.

Finally, Mary knew God and we can see this in verses 46-55. She spoke of His mighty power to save, His love, His mercy, His promises and the remembrance of His people. She spoke as one who knew Him because she did. She had the knowledge but she also had a relationship with Him which is more important.

The story of Mary is not “old school”. It’s the standard for every Christian woman. Sexual purity was a thing and still is a thing. Humility is still in and knowing God personally doesn’t go out of style.


Ruky Urhobo


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