Article: In His Time

Article: In His Time

It feels like God waits for us to first find full satisfaction in Him alone before opening the floodgates for us. On the backdrop of the just concluded singles conference in Ghana with the theme, “Satisfied – Is God enough?,” I have the impression that God waits for our hearts to be in the right place before He fulfills some of our deepest desires.

This was my experience in 2008 when I met my amazing wife. I had stopped praying for a wife and merely wanted to know and serve God. In a matter of days, he answered my prayer of total surrender and ordered my steps to meet her. The rest is history.

In the past six years in marriage, we have learned to find joy in God and His service. As concerns having children, we have been blessed by many who look up to us as father and mother in the Lord. We have even attended and officiated some of their weddings, with others on the way. My wife has been an incredible wife, best friend and treats me as her first baby.

It seems God is about to give us the privilege to physically be what He has trained us to be spiritually for the past many years. He indeed does everything beautiful in His time. Time will tell.

With Abraham, he ensured that the gift of Isaac doesn’t replace the Giver of the blessing. That has always been my prayer, that God’s gift will never take His place in my heart.

May we learn to wait and find satisfaction in Him and Him alone.

*Ecclesiastes. 3:1-11; Genesis. 22:1-2; Psalm. 37:4; Matthew. 6:33*

Gilbert Kimeng

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