Article: The Power of Writing – Part 2

Article: The Power of Writing – Part 2

I always have a notebook with me especially when I travel. While waiting at the airport, I often seize the opportunity to record my thoughts. These generally hover around the purpose of the trip, the expectations, and on my way back, a summary of the events and especially the emotions and achievements associated with the journey along with dreams for the future.

At different intervals, I often revisit past journals and each time, I am amazed at all that transpired from the time I penned down those thoughts till date. We (members of a professionals group) were quite impressed yesterday when we looked at the minutes of a meeting which held in June. We then realised the origin of some of the things that have unfolded in the past months – decisions that were made at that meeting. The value of the minutes I had taken became so evident to the team members as we reviewed them at the very start of the session.

Journaling also helps keep a record of lessons learned from events that have occurred – either recent or in the past. It thereby can serve as a teaching tool.

Once thoughts are put on paper, they seem to take a life of their own. I no longer have to carry those thoughts around like a burden. It truly frees up space in my heart and enables me to think more clearly and creatively.

It is impressive to see the number of times God actually commanded that laws, events, teaching material etc. be written down.

There has to be something about writing.  What’s your take? Do you have an experience to share?

*Exodus 17:15; Exodus 24:12; Numbers 33:2; Deuteronomy 31:9,22; Proverbs 3:3; Jeremiah 31:33-34*

Gilbert Kimeng

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