Article: Impact of Great Spiritual Books – Part Six

Article: Impact of Great Spiritual Books – Part Six

Each time I have decided to conclude on this series of Journals, I seem to be reminded of other books that have genuinely made a difference in my thinking; hence an extra day spent on the impact of Great Spiritual Books.

*“No Wonder They Call Him Saviour”* by _Max Lucado remains one of his books that helped me understand the lessons embedded in the events before, during and after Jesus’ death. “But go, tell the disciples and _Peter_” (Mark 16:7) is among the many insights that have stuck with me for over two decades. Wasn’t Peter one of the disciples? Why would Jesus lay such emphasis on him alone? This could if paraphrased as “But go, tell the disciples and _especially_ Peter.”

According to Max Lucado, one gets the impression that heaven had watched Peter fall by denying Jesus three times and now could watch him rise again. Jesus was giving him a _Second Chance_ – the very title of the chapter. Writing this from my memory, I can’t help but relive the conviction gained the first time I read this in the book.

I have fallen many a time by compromising with sin in the past 26 years. This valuable insight has helped me rise up with hope anew each time I have fallen flat on my face, giving in to sin’s deceitfulness and to fear. God Bless Max Lucado for many other insights. Is it the chapter on Barabbas, Malchus, Mary Magdalene, the angry mob, the Boxer etc. The nuggets of wisdom abound. I lost my copy of this book, but it is definitely one of those books I intend to revisit and pretty soon. Can you feel my pulse?

*“Living above the level of mediocrity”* by _Charles Swindoll_ is another one of his classics. The author uses the example of the eagle to illustrate excellence. The eagle’s vision, for example, is six times sharper than that of a human being, capable of spotting a fish in the ocean from high above, going after it with swiftness and power. Its claws can break the bones of its many preys – endowed with incredible strength. People of excellence rise above the daily drag of mediocrity like eagles would distinguish themselves from chicks.

Reading this book was very timely as it prepared me to go lead a church for the first time at the age of 26. I needed the strength of character that refuses to go with the crowd, calls the church to higher standards, and that’s what reading this great book did to me. It was a church with some members who were almost as old as my father.  It required humility, strength of character and deep conviction to lead them.

*“No More Excuses”* by _Tony Evans_ brought me out of another season of compromise. I had struggled to remain a man of character and integrity. As the title goes, it helped me overcome the mental games or the excuses I tend to give myself when faced with life’s challenges and temptations.

My goodness. These are some really great books. They have helped keep me in the race. Each of them seems to have addressed specific parts of my soul, strengthening the very fabric of my character.

What’s your take? Do some of these lessons strike any chords in you? Keep Reading!

1 Peter 4: 1-2; Isaiah 40:28-31.

Gilbert Kimeng

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