Singles: The 2017 ICOCN National Singles Retreat – Reach in Honour

2017 ICOCN National Singles Retreat – Reach in Honour

The 2017 National Singles Retreat is scheduled to take place in Port Harcourt from the 16th-19th, November.

The Theme for this year’s singles retreat is “Reach in Honor”. This event will be a gathering of singles from all our churches in Nigeria.

It promises to be three days of incredible fellowship, bonding, inspiration, relationship building, sport and power packed classes.

Below is the cost of participation.

Number of People in a room Number of Nights Room Rates Per person Registration Feeding TOTAL
3 People 3 Nights N10,000 for 3 nights N3500 N4500 N18000

Per person

2 People 3 Nights N15000 for 3 nights N3500 N4500 N23000

Per person


N18000 or N23000 ( per. person ) cost, takes care of three nights,

 conference materials & 9 Meals



Let us encourage and inspire our Singles to be part of this event. The deadline for payment will be October 30th.

  1. Accounts (ICOC EVENTS 1013351983) ZENITH – For only Lagos Delegates
  1. Accounts (ICOC PORTHARCOURT 1015196063) ZENITH – Outside Lagos Delegates (other churches)

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