What is falsehood?

Lack of conformity to truth or fact/ fabrications

How have we been living in falsehood?

This scriptures says that we should put off falsehood and speak truthfully to our neighbor.

Often at time, we flattery people when we want to tell the truth, in my own opinion, we have to tell the truth the way it is because that’s the truth.

The moment we start reconstructing the truth then the truth is distorted.

We can come to church and put on a cloth of deceit (patience). For the fact that we look nice on the outside doesn’t guarantee that we look good of the inside.

Do we allow your Anger to cause you to sin?

Anger is a small madness, and it’s known as a destructive tool

How do you manage your Anger (James 1:19-20)


Stealing vs unwholesome chat

Sometimes we think stealing is when we take something that doesn’t belong to us. But I see it beyond that definition.

Stealing can also be related to when we are suppose to give to God and we withhold.

To give to the poor but we overlook

To pledge to God and do not meet our financial pledges…that’s STEALING!

Unwholesome talk could be unhealthful, deleterious to health or physical or moral well-being

What do you say that crush people’s spirit.

Are your conversation(s) constructive or destructive (Colossians 4:6)


Grieving the spirit vs Getting rid of sins

How do we grieve the Holy Spirit that dwells in us?

How do I get rid of bitterness; talk to the brother or sister about it (vulnerable)

How do I get rid of rage & anger; apply the principle of James 1:19

How do get rid of slander and malice; (do unto other what others do unto you) what goes round comes round.

Let’s expunged every form of moral filth

Be kind and compassionate and learn to forgive

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