South-East: Leadership Training For South-East Bloc Leaders

It was an atmosphere of learning as the Port Harcourt church hosted all the South-East Bloc Leaders of the International Church of Christ, Nigeria in a 3 days Leadership training

The training for the South-East Bloc, made up of four churches (Port Harcourt, Yenagoa, Uyo and Calabar) commenced on Friday 29th of April 2016 and ended on Sunday 1st May with a special service.

IMG-20160524-WA0003The first day of the training started with registration of delegates from the four churches. This also serve as the Midweek service of the Port Harcourt church with a total of one hundred and four (104) on attendance.

The welcome/opening speech was given by the host church leader Evang. Kemi Olufowobi who welcome all delegates to this wonderful Leadership training. He encouraged every delegates to be fully prepared as there are lots to learn from the facilitators.

Four great speakers where invited for the training:

  • Emmanuel Emeh
  • Ndubuisi Eke
  • John and Margeret Obaje

The only class for the day was done by Ndubuisi Eke with the topic: “WHY LEADERSHIP” – Download PDF

IMG-20160502-WA0000The second day of the training which saw 94 disciples in attendance commenced about 11.30am and ended 6.30pm with three classes.

The first class of the day was facilitated by Ndubuisi Eke on the topic: “GROWING YOUR LEADERSHIP”.

The second class was a split class which and was anchored by John and Margeret Obaje of the Warri Church. The class dealt with the topic topic: “HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS IN THE CHURCH IN CHURCH BUILDING”.

The third and final class for the day was facilitated by Emmanuel Emeh of Lagos Campus Ministry.


IMG-20160501-WA0055The third day which was also the final day of the 3 days training saw 178 disciples in attendance. It was the church first Sunday service in the month of May.

The Message of the service was preached by Emmanuel Emeh on the topic A HOLY NATION – Download PDF

The final class of the training was also facilitated by Emmanuel Emeh


It was recalled that the 3 days Leadership training was an exciting time of learning for the South-East Bloc to the glory of God.


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