It was celebration galore on Sunday 1st March as friends and family members joined disciples in the Somolu-Mushin region to dedicate its new worship centre located at 10, Merret Street, off Connal Street, Herbert Macaulay Way, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos and launch its proposed permanent site building fund in a two-pronged Sunday worship service.


At the service which kicked off 9am and had the elders, many evangelists and disciples from other regions to support the visionary Somolu/Mushin region, the Lead Evangelist of the ICOC movement, Mr. Chris Ogbonnaya encouraged the congregation from the book of Ephesians with copious examples of how to live holy in a corrupt generation like the early disciples of Jesus Christ did in the commercial and populous city of Ephesus which hosts one of the seven wonders of the world.


Evangelist Ogbonnaya advised disciples to steer clear of ungodly attitude and materialism as a better and brighter offer awaits them in heaven. He further reminded them about the intensity of righteous, purity and faith and the need to be in the world but not of the world. Mr. Imagbe Igbinoba also gave a great message on giving (Acts 20:34 – 35) and admonish all that our duty is to help the weak and that it more blessed to give that to receive.


The ceremonial tape cutting was done by Mr. and Mrs. Omoruyi Iyamu and coordinated by the Master of Ceremony, Mr. Israel Bolaji. Elder Ereola anchored the thanksgiving session while the cutting of cake was done by the elders, evangelist and some other guest with their wives. The closing prayers were done by Mr. Femi Shofu and Evang. Wasiu Ajao.


The second part of the event was chaired by Engr. Ogunbayo and Mrs. Osibodu from the Surulere and Island region respectively as chief encouragers who led others into the donation session and the formal launching of the building fund for the proposed permanent site of the region.  The chief host, Evang. Fred George opened the session with a welcome remark while the chairman of the building committee, Dr. Francis Okogwu gave insights into the building plan and vision of the region.


The audience who came from various regions and beyond was then entertained by a drama group from the region and the regional choir after which refreshment was served around 1pm.


Following the vote of thanks by the regional administrator, Mr. Abiodun Akolo, the MC then declared the session closed and announced that fellowship continues.


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