Ogba- Agege Region Appoints Three New Deacons

The last Sunday of every month is always a period of joy and excitement at Ogba- Agege region, the largest congregation in ICOC, Lagos. However, the last Sunday in March witnessed the appointments of Akintunde Akindele, Reuben Mbaka and Sunny Uwagboi to the positions of deacons.

The choir were in their best element, the congregation exuded passion and excitement in their singing, and the visiting Elder who preached, Imagbe Igbinoba preached powerfully on the topic, “Elevating the word of God in Your Life”.

It was no mean feat selecting these three great men who have demonstrated their zeal and commitment to the work of God over the years. 15 disciples were initially considered by the leadership group of the region for consideration. After series of prayers and fasting, the number went down to five.  From this number the lot fell on the three great brothers ordained on Sunday 31, March, 2014.

Mr Akintunde Henry Akindele, a man with  intense zeal and passion for  God  was baptized  in August 1995. He serves as the music co-ordinator of the region. He is married to his lovely wife Christy Akin-Akindele .

Akintunde and Christy Akindele after their appointments
Akintunde and Christy Akindele after their appointments

Reuben Somtochukwu  Mbaka became a disciple  on the 31st of July, 1993 .He is currently serving in the children ministry and the young marrieds ministry.  He also coordinates the Akute zone. He is married to the very gorgeous and energetic Oluwayemisi Mbaka

The Mbakas' after their appointment
The Mbakas’ after their appointment

Sunny Uwagboi was baptized into Christ in August 1998. He is married to delectable Chibuzo Uwagboi and they currently lead the married ministry and finance team of the region.

Sunny and Chibuzo Uwagboi
Sunny and Chibuzo Uwagboi

The impact of this epoch- making event was aptly captured in the comments of the Leader of Ogba –Agege region, Evang. Kemi Olufiwobi. His words: “With these three great men championing God’s work in his vineyard, with prayer and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the kingdom of God will advance speedily”.


Ntia, Usukuma I.

Labak F/G, Ogba- Agege Region.


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