The Prayer-Minder: A Great Tool to Really Help Your Prayer Life

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If you were asked to describe your prayer life,what would you say? Would you use words like inconsistent, shallow, repetitive, forgetful, lacking time, or overwhelming?”

These very words have described my prayer life from time to time.

Vicious cycles of sincere attempts yet inevitable failure kept me from having the powerful prayer life that I have longed for.Often I felt ashamed, frustrated and discouraged. I was determined to find a way to break free from this cycle of inconsistency,since one of the most precious blessings God has given us is the ability to draw close to Him, to know Him and be known by Him through prayer.

In prayer our hearts, minds, and souls are drawn out and here our Father is able to sustain us, replenish us and empower us. There is so much intimacy and power with prayer, yet it’s an area that for many remains weak or neglected.

In 1998 I created a tool that would not just help or encourage me to pray, but actually enable me to change the patterns with which I pray. This tool is called the Prayer-Minder.

The Prayer-Minder consists of different categories/topics that most of us pray about daily (or wish to); within each category are listed the days of the week. Categories such as Praise, Thanks, Family, Friends, Sick & Needy,
World & National Issues, Outreach, Struggles & Temptations, and Personal Goals form the basic structure of the Prayer-Minder. The object is to fill out each day within the different categories. Once all the categories are filled out you pray through each category and only pray about what is filled in for a particular day. There is also a section for items you want to pray for daily, as well a monthly area with places to record thirty-one separate entries.

There are also Teen and Kids versions to meet the needs of each age group. Having been raised on the prayer, “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” and reciting verbatim the “Lord’s Prayer,” my hope is that with the use of the Prayer-Minder our young children and teens will have an earlier start in developing a prayer life that has more depth, thought, intimacy, and consistency. Our ultimate goal is for God to be glorified and that His people may be strengthened everywhere.

The Prayer-Minder comes in different languages and this fall a Smart Phone app will be available worldwide and in multiple languages! Here is our web site …


“I love the Prayer-Minder! It helps me be consistent in the things I want to pray about. It also makes it obvious to me as God answers my prayers and that is so encouraging!” – Kathy N., San Diego, CA

“Prayer-Minder is a wonderful tool that tucks right into my Bible. I’m always making notes of whom I want to pray for. The Prayer-Minder helps me to stay organized and on top of these prayers.” – Donna-Mae G., Toronto, ON

– Sandy Jacoby, Gainesville FL

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