Article: A Heart Check

Article: A Heart Check What a full day it was for me yesterday.  Even today’s journal is coming in rather late and tells the story. After a prayer time in […]

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Warri: Songs of Praise Service in Warri

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation. Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song. Psalm 95:1-2 (NIV) It was an incredible […]

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Article: Pre-Retreat

Article: Pre-Retreat Ahead of the retreat for leaders in Accra and the other churches outside the capital, yesterday was like a pre-retreat for me. It was very refreshing to spend […]

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Article: Old Time Religion

Article: Old Time Religion My experience of staying back in Accra for an extra 2 weeks after the singles conference has been simply memorable.  It reminds me of the ongoing […]

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Article: New Beginnings

Article: New Beginnings God knows how crucial it is that we are given new beginnings in life. The dawning of everyday is a new beginning, an opportunity to right the […]

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Article: Time With the Next Generation

Article: Time With the Next Generation It’s been an eventful weekend in Accra, Ghana. One of the highlights was time spent exercising with a teenager who has been my friend […]

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Article: Rethink

Article: Rethink Yesterday’s Accra campus devotional afforded me the opportunity to have a rethink. I was asked to speak on how to strike a balance between academics and spiritual life. […]

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Article: Refreshing Grace 

Article: Refreshing Grace  Teaching from the book of Romans at one of the midweek services in Accra last night was a great reminder of how refreshing a deeper understanding of […]

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Article: In His Time

Article: In His Time It feels like God waits for us to first find full satisfaction in Him alone before opening the floodgates for us. On the backdrop of the […]

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Article: The East-West Africa Connection

Article: The East-West Africa Connection When we visited East Africa early in June this year, we had no idea that God was going to transform that first visit into something […]

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