Women Day Prayer Time

As we come before our great God this evening at midweek, these are some of the prayer requests.

A – adoring God for who he was, is, and forever will be.

C – confessing individual, Church, family, and country sins before God.

T – thanking God for all he has done in the past, still doing, and will continue to do till Jesus comes.

S – making all kinds of requests (personal, family, Church, etc) to God.


-Growth in our love & relationship with God, Jesus & the Holy Spirit.

– Obedience to God and his word & its reflection in our thought, speech & actions.

-Increase in Love for each other, lost, and others.

-Love and commitment to the Church

-Matching our lives with the word of God.

-Taking a stand for the truth and righteousness.

-Hating all forms of sins including personal sin.

-Marrieds. God to keep us all together and rooted in his words.

-Singles, for God to meet their personal heart desires.

-Kids, preteens, and teens, to grow within the power of God and his word.

-Health and all aspects of our well-being.

– Financial well-being and God’s favour and blessing. Open doors of opportunities even in this difficult time.

-God’s protection and mercy at all times.

– Boldness, courage, and increased faith with deep conviction.

– God to keep adding to our numbers.

– to grow in the fruits of the Holy Spirits, wisdom, insight & understanding.

– for God to use us and allow us to be used.

God bless us all as we depend on him in prayer

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