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ICOC West Africa School of Mission Launched in Lagos

History was made in the ICOC West African region as the much awaited ICOC West Africa School of Mission was launched in Lagos, Nigeria.

The ICOC School of Mission is a training academy for young, vibrant breed of well-trained leaders in our fellowship which aims to take the mission to a new and even greater height. This school is made possible by the selfless financial support of our sister congregations in the U.S. Funding for the West Africa School of Mission was provided by the Tom Beam Foundation for 20 participants from across six countries in West Africa, and the Mission Point Church in San Antonio, Texas is supporting five Lagos campus interns, with counterpart funding from the Lagos Church of Christ…Read more




Missions: Lagos Church to Launch School of Missions


In Matthew 28:19, our Lord Jesus commands that we go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing and teaching the new disciples, obedience to all his teachings.

As many of our churches in Africa enter their third decade of planting and many pioneer missionaries and leaders gracefully age, it becomes most apparent that a new and younger breed of trained leaders emerge to consolidate and take the mission to new and even greater heights.

Encouraged by the selfless financial support of our sister congregations in the U.S, the Lagos church, in collaboration with all affiliates congregations in the West Africa Mission family of churches will in September 2016 launch the first batch of a three year intensive ministry training program.

This program will involve the selection and recruiting of young, single disciples (men/woman) or newly married couples from across our churches, home and abroad.

All successful candidates will be housed in Lagos in dedicated housing quarters for this scheme throughout the duration of the three years training program. After a successful completion, graduates will be redeployed to lead or assist in leading various ministries and congregations across West Africa.

Interested candidates MUST be between the ages of 25 – 30 years and can click here to fill out the online application form for the ICOC School of Missions.




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