ICOC Caring Hearts Initiative & NEOSOM – Community Service

On the 26th of August, 2023, the ICOC Caring Hearts Initiative (ICOC CHI) team joined forces with the Onyechi Emeka Oguagha School of Mission (NEOSOM) for a collaborative community service event at the Agege Local Government Playcentre & Nursery School in Lagos. The event aimed to improve the school’s infrastructure and create a brighter learning environment for the children.

The community service began with an orientation briefing led by Abioye Oyatope, the Program Officer for ICOC CHI. During the orientation, Fatodu, the Headteacher of the school, was introduced to the volunteers. Subsequently, Ita Emmanuel, the Administrator of NEOSOM, addressed both the school’s students and the volunteers, emphasizing the importance of community service and collaboration.

To efficiently tackle the tasks at hand, three workgroups were established. Participants with physical strength eagerly joined forces to clean and paint the school premises. The collective effort of the volunteers was a heartening sight and demonstrated their commitment to improving the school.

Chris Ogbonnaya, the Lead Evangelist for West Africa, concluded the community service activity with a heartfelt prayer. He also assured the Headteacher of the school that ICOC CHI would continue to partner with the preschool for future initiatives. Following the prayer, the event concluded, and all participants were dismissed.

This joint community service event was a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared commitment of ICOC CHI and NEOSOM to support local communities. The impact of this initiative was not only visible in the physical improvements made to the school but also in the spirit of unity and service that was fostered among all participants.

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