The 2023 ICOC International Women’s Day was marked with lots of exciting activities and events that brought women from different works of life and life stages together to learn from one another. This year’s IWD was particularly interesting with the combination of the global theme and the church theme.

The Church Theme SEEN AND HEARD was taken from Genesis 16: 13 – 14, the story of Hagar the slave wife of Abraham.

The program which ran from the 8th to 12th of March started with a prayer time at our different midweek services and house churches. Sisters came together lifting hearts and voices to the One who sees and hears us in all our situations.

The 9th of March was the time for storytelling of the wonders of God in our lives as women in His kingdom. This featured sisters from different life stages and circumstances, sharing the miracles of God in their lives.

The global theme Embrace Equity celebrated women in technological development, proficiency and self-development. Technology, a male dominated area, saw women diving into this field with its endless possibilities and opportunities. The 10th of March brought together a cross section of sisters with a panel of discussion comprising a preteen girl, a single/campus lady and a married woman. They shared different perspectives about on the use of technology as a tool for growth in our businesses, advancing the gospel and personal development among others.

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On the 11th of March, the sisters in the Lagos Church gathered for a virtual devotional and prayer time where Rolayo Ogbonnaya shared a life changing message on SEEN AND HEARD: the story of Hagar; relating it to our day to day life as women. The devotional ended with a prayer session by sisters across the Church.

Sunday the 12th March saw the women in the Lagos Church come out with their colorful attire for a special thanksgiving service.

In all, the International Women’s Day celebration brought all the sisters in the Lagos church closer with the assurance that God sees and hears us no matter what we are going through.

And to God be the glory.


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