Be Transformed – Power Series: Volume #12

Welcome to the 12th edition of our Power Series. This year, we hope to have a walk with God that transforms us from the inside out.

I always marvel at nature. God gives us so many life lessons from just observing His creation. I love watching the butterfly and how it darts from flower to flower in search of nectar. Each
one has such a beautiful pair of wings. Their colour scheme and intricate design are unique. Where you find butterflies, you will almost always find warm sunshine and budding flowers.

But this lovely creature didn’t always look so pretty. It began life as a small oval-shaped egg which hatched a worm-like creature called the caterpillar. The caterpillar is known for its slow and sluggish movements and its voracious eating. Then something amazing happens in nature. The caterpillar at some point builds a cocoon around itself where it stays for some time. Something called metamorphosis takes place and what finally emerges from that cocoon is the majestic insect that we see. What a transformation!

On this spiritual journey, we are reminded that transformation is the goal. God wants to work in us to produce a glorious version of ourselves – the transformed and renewed version that expresses itself in a life of daily righteousness, in relationships that glorify God and in hope beyond this life that is built on the
Rock. It is our changed lives, individually and collectively as a people of God, that will speak to the world to make our God known.

May we be willing to submit ourselves totally to the Maker’s transforming Hand.

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