Bible Study Ride to Ogbomosho by Ilorin Disciples

In obedience to Jesus’ command in Matthew’s account of the gospels in chapter 28:19-20…Therefore Go and make disciples of all Nations, disciples of the International Church of Christ, Ilorin took the gospel to the ancient city of Ogbomosho.
It was a great faith-building experience that saw most of us reaching out and studying the bible with friends and family members.

The climax was the 2 hours bible study ride that took place on the 30th of July 2022 at the Bitemore Eatery, Taki Ogbomosho. We had disciples from Ilorin and several friends and family members in attendance as we discussed the topic; The Inconvenient Truth.
The interactive bible study ride is targeted at discussing the true biblical gospel message against nonbiblical “man-invented” gospel and the need for genuine, intending followers of Jesus to invest time and resources towards seeking answers from the bible. This subject matter generated different reactions as several people share their personal life and religious experiences. Most friends that attended stayed behind to study the bible.
We look forward to several of our friends responding positively to the true gospel message.

Please keep us in your prayers for God’s help of safety, open doors for the gospel truth in that city, salvation of many souls, and continuous financial provision for this mission effort.


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