Devotional: 40 Days Power Series – Be Still My Soul

Welcome to 2022!

Encourage and challenge your faith as we embark on a spiritual journey this New Year and beyond with our 40-day devotional power series ‘Be Still My Soul’

The call to be still is not an excuse for inactivity or laziness but a command to greater depth in every key area of our walk with God.

This is reflected in six subthemes of “Awe”, “Faith”, “Peace”, “Hope”, “Love” and “Mission”.

May we grow deeper roots and stronger convictions in all these areas, that we might be empowered for the long haul as we set our heart on victory and run to the finish, the race marked out for us.

Every day. Every way.

Click here to download the devotional series: 40 DAYS DEVOTIONAL 2022 book

Have a Wonderful 2022!

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