The Conversion Story of Lilian Francis in Lagos

Exactly a year ago Chika and her husband Boroji Jimoh got baptized into the body of Christ. Understanding that a disciple is a disciple maker, they sprang into action reaching out first to their closest relatives and neighbors. 

In no time, Chika’s elder sister Lilian Chinyere Francis started attending church services. She liked the church especially the sermons for not being all about prosperity and fake miracles as one would largely find in the religious world today. It was rather based entirely on the word of God. She also enjoyed the fellowship and gladly looked forward to Sunday services. We began a friendship with her encouraging her to study the bible to find out what Jesus demands from her. 

As her studies progressed, she developed cold feet when she realized she might not be equipped for the level of commitment Jesus requires from all His followers. To dispel her doubts, we showed the scriptures in John 12:47-48 which convicted her greatly and reignited her desire to follow Jesus. Her studies resumed after this as she kept making continuous changes; attending all church meetings, asking questions where she wasn’t clear and being open about her life.

She got baptized on the 7th of January 2022 after confessing Jesus Christ as her Lord and Saviour.

Please continue to remember Lilian in your prayers and others like her in this world who seek to find the Truth and pursue righteousness.


Kingsley and Eugenia Irobiegbulam

Akute Zone

Ogba/Agege Region

ICOC Lagos

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