From Friends to Sisters in Christ: The Conversion Story of Olubisi in Lagos

A prayer of a friend for 17 years to see her bosom friend become a disciple of Jesus was fulfilled on Sunday 5th September 2021 when Olubisi Johnson was baptized and added to God’s family in Ojo/Apapa region of Lagos Church. Below is her story:

My name is Johnson Olubisi Oluseyi
I’m an Environmental Officer and a civil servant with the Lagos State Government.
I grew up with both Christian & Muslim background. Although I was practicing Christianity before I got married into a Muslim family, practicing Islam became a way for me to build my marital home since I was married to an Alhaji.

I became a widow in 2019 and before my husbands passing, I had told him severally that I wished to go back to practicing Christianity to which he never commented or responded to.

Johnson Olubisi Oluseyi

In January 2019 I ran into a longtime friend, Lola Arikawe after having lost contact in 1996. Not long after Lola and I reconnected, I lost my husband. This was in March 2019. That same year, Lola took out time to celebrate my birthday with a special surprise birthday shout out visit with some lovely sisters of the Ojo-Apapa region of the ICOC. This lovely gesture fascinated me and I gladly took the invitation to church service which led to some sisters studying the bible with me immediately.

Thank you to all the sisters that devoted your time to teaching me the bible. I discovered that having Christ in my life has been the best thing that has happened to me, and living without knowing/appreciating what Jesus had gone through for my sake will make His sacrifice seem meaningless. The Bible made me realize that I came into this world with nothing and I will definitely leave with nothing. The most important thing is having Christ and serving Him in truth and in faith and so with faith, I made that commitment to be baptized into the body of Christ which God wonderfully granted on September 5, 2021.

Johnson Olubisi Oluseyi with her children on the occasion of her baptism into Christ

I decided to become a disciple while studying the Bible because I believe disciples are not losers but are beneficiaries of God’s kingdom. Although it is not easy but I pray God will make it easier than I think. I have learnt to always be at peace, fellowship with disciples and pray in any situation in order to overcome challenges because Jesus and His disciples faced many challenges too. I am sure no matter my challenges, taking it to God in prayers and seeking help from other disciples will see me through.

My priority right now is making time for God out of no time and serving in the kingdom of God with my whole heart. I look forward to helping other people around me become disciples of Christ


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