The Inspiring Conversion Story of Deborah Edward in Lagos

Deborah is a hard working, talented young woman whose life should inspire women everywhere to be devoted, focused and resourceful.
The course of studying the bible with Deborah Edward was both convicting as well refreshing. This is because it is very rare to find a 20-year-old with her level of responsibility and self-motivation in our current society.

Deborah reminds us of the biblical Martha. Like Martha she juggles work, learning a skill as a hairdresser and attending lectures at a higher institution where she is studying to become a Laboratory Scientist. Interesingly, she pays the bills for all the aforementioned while also taking responsibility for her mother as her father is not present.

Despite her busyness and great sense of responsibility, when our sister Sarah Andrew reached out to her, Deborah immediately created some time to study the Bible with the sisters. She embraced the Bible studies with all seriousness and eagerness, meeting all the challenges she was given at every point in time. Her maturity was brought to light during her cost counting with the Ogba/Agege regional Women Ministry Coordinator, Martina Ajao where her understanding and interpretation of the Bible was seen as remarkable.

And so we asked; can anyone stop Deborah Edwards from getting baptized? The answer was a resounding NO!

Deborah was baptized into the body of Christ to the glory of God on May 26th 2021 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Eugenia Irobiegbulam
Ogba/Agege Region

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